Monday, July 2, 2012

Team Blog Hop- Featuring the New Catalog

Welcome to my blog and thanks for stopping by! I am #2 on the list so you may have come from Martha's blog and I hope that you enjoy going to all the other blogs on our list and seeing what everyone has come up with.

For this blog hop I chose to do something different then I have for awhile. I LOVE playing with My Digital Studio when I want to craft, but don't necesarily want to pull everything out. The only problem with that is that I rarely see a project from start to finish. I use it ALL the time for accents on projects but I have never made a full project and printed it. Well that is all about to change. In the new current Idea Book & Catalog there are new content discs for MDS. I fell in love with so many of them that I am sure by the end of the catalog cycle I will have them all. The one that I just had to have though was the Storytime Collection (127214). My sister in law made my oldest an Aplhabet book for church with a mixture of pictures of himself and Jesus. In hopes of not having my youngest feel left out or forgotten I decided I MUST make him one as well. He loves looking at our family blog books and pictures on the wall so I decided that instead of doing his church themed as well I was just going to fill it with fun fmaily pictures and then make the letters corrdinate with those. A MUCH easier task in my head then when I actually set down to do it. This amazing collection comes with a layout for an 8x8 board book ready to go, but because I was picky and wanted the words to ryhme and corrdinate with the pictures on the pages I changed it up quite a bit. These are only a couple of the pages (obviously) but I am LOVING how it is coming along and can NOT wait to add it to my next order!!!

I will post pictures when I get the book back. I hope that he loves it!!! Frist I have to figure out wording for 6 more letters.
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  1. This is awesome!!! You never disappoint(sp?), that is for sure!

  2. I love the idea for this. I am like you I love MDS but I have many projects but have never printed an entire book. You have inspired me and now I must try something like this!